What Clients are Saying About Dr. Duncan’s Speaking

After the chairs are stacked up and the lights are turned off, the only thing that really matters about a speaker’s appearance on your program is the lasting impact of the message.

Here’s some client feedback on presentations by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan.

American Academy of Family Physicians

After Dr. Duncan’s presentation at a conference of the American Academy of Family Physicians, these comments were gathered by the program planners . . .

By far, the best session of the entire conference was the one led by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan. He clearly understands our issues, and he communicates in a user-friendly way that makes a ton of sense. He is a master teacher.

Dr. Duncan’s session on communication and relationship skills was a huge hit with all of us. Some mistakenly assumed this would be just ‘warm and fuzzy’ stuff. Instead, we got solid content about how to do a better job in handling real world issues and situations.

I missed Dr. Duncan’s session last year, so I was interested to note that he was invited to speak again this year. Now I know why! His presentation was very engaging, totally relevant to our issues in the physician world, and provided skill-building that can be used immediately.

The whole conference was good, and the session done by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan was the best of all. In addition to being highly engaging, he provided terrific content that really hits the mark for our needs in running a medical practice. Some speakers just sort of fill up time. Dr. Duncan delivered the quality of content you would hope to get at a national conference like this. Bravo!

Federal Reserve Bank

The entire conference was a great success! In particular, I enjoyed Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan. His message was genuine and timely. Dr. Duncan presented his material in a way that allowed you to evaluate self and then explore the organizational issues that exist within the FRB. He was very captivating and could of easily spoken for a longer period of time. I’m excited about his return this fall!

I really enjoyed Dr. Duncan’s talk. I think we all could relate to what he was saying, and I have noticed quite a few people just since yesterday morning, shorthanding communication by saying ‘killing the patient by shock’ and ‘pulling the flower out of the ground to check its roots.’ So it was clear that he struck a chord with us! I think we all would have enjoyed several more hours of his speaking.

I particularly liked Dr. Duncan’s presentation. It provided some useful information that each of us can put into action to improve our interactions with one another as well as the quality of the service we provide to our customers.

Dr. Duncan’s session was phenomenal. He put his finger on the pulse of the issues facing our organization. His perspective on the ills of micromanagement was excellent.

The best part of the conference for me was the presentation by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan. I found his remarks well prepared and with a clear message. I am excited about the opportunity to learn more from Dr. Duncan this fall with the leadership training.

I thought Dr. Duncan was, by far, the most valuable speaker. He presented information that can be used in my daily job and will assist me in becoming more effective with my co-workers and management. His presentation was structured logically and he made his point clear.

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

Dear Rodger:

Thank you cannot begin to express our appreciation for your participation in our Annual Membership Meeting. Not only did you meet our expectations, but you greatly exceeded them. We are sincerely grateful for your willingness and ability to “come through in a pinch” for a second presentation.

Your corporate culture and leadership strategies were not only thought provoking and profound, but very timely as well! You certainly reaffirmed many principles we have diligently tried to instill not only in our own organizational culture, but in our individual Member municipalities as well.

You have an amazing ability to present effective leadership strategies in such a user-friendly manner, and both presentations were a perfect fit for our meeting theme. The meeting surveys that we are receiving from our Membership speak volumes. They are all “excellent,” and sharing that they received a tremendous and practical value from your message.

Again, thank you! We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Warm regards,

Arthur C. Corbin
President & CEO
Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia