David E. Nielson

NielsonDavid E. Nielson brings more than three decades of corporate, Fortune 500, and private consulting experience in organizational change management, leadership development, and training.

David has helped guide large-scale change initiatives and business strategy driven by ERP, mergers, restructuring, and the need for cultural change. He has been a featured and frequent speaker at PMI, Project World, Chief Executive Network, Management Resources Association, TEC, PEPI, Training Director’s Forum, and the Alliance of Organizational Systems Designers.

David has worked around the world delivering training and consulting services in the UK, Ireland, Canada, throughout Europe, China, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, The Philippines and Puerto Rico.

Formerly the Managing Director of a small boutique consulting firm, David specialized in Strategic Change and Accelerating Implementation. Earlier in his career, he served as Director of Organization Development and Manager of Sales and Marketing Planning at Coors Brewing Company, with an emphasis on sales management, training, and organizational development.

A co-founder of the Denver Organization Development Network Chapter, David is a community leader and has served on the boards of Red Rocks Community College, the National Pain Foundation, and is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Colorado Boys’ Ranch. He earned a BS degree in psychology at the University of Utah.

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