Boosting Performance

Prescribing before diagnosing is called malpractice. So we ask the right questions and avoid asking the wrong questions. That’s how we start every engagement by addressing the most make-a-difference issues.

Backed by decades of successful experience with diagnostic tools, Duncan Worldwide knows how to boost performance for individuals, for teams, and for entire organizations.

Our proprietary tools include:

  • Duncan360 Individual – This custom-tailored tool focuses on individual behaviors most valued in your organization. It’s great for self development, boosting teamwork, and performance accountability. Includes action planning aids and video.
  • DuncanTEAM360 – Custom-tailored to address the performance issues most relevant in your organization. Especially powerful in breaking down organizational silos and strengthening interdependency and collaboration.
  • Culture Alignment Profile (CAP) Organization – Much more than just an “attitude” survey, CAP provides a customized, detailed reality check on employee assumptions and behaviors … and their effects on performance.

We want to help you achieve peak performance!