Team Development

Improved Teamwork Pays Great Dividends

Team DevelopmentNo doubt about it, teamwork is more common as a buzzword than as an actual practice. Without benefit of nuance, teamwork is one of those catch-all terms often extended as the magic elixir for the moment’s most pressing execution issue. In a bid to boost performance, teamwork is touted in corporate vision statements, on wall posters, T-shirts, key chains, and coffee mugs. Teamwork is the subject of banal pep talks by goofy managers in TV sitcoms.  Teamwork has been given a bad name by a world of bad practitioners. But when we’re strategic about putting both the team and the work into teamwork, beautiful things can happen.

Duncan Worldwide’s approach to team development begins with targeted diagnostics. We carefully examine all the organizational dynamics that affect team effectiveness – the systems and processes, protocols and personalities that either enable good performance or serve as impediments.

Then we train and coach the key players, helping them connect the dots between their individual efforts and collective results.

After only 12 months of our training and coaching, one of our clients posted a $207 million improvement in profits. (The turnaround became a case study at the Harvard Business School.)

We offer a number of solutions that enhance team development:

  • Leading edge Performance Measurement tools that underscore personal accountability and close the gap between good intentions and great results.
  • Award-winning workshops in Communication Skills that help people step up to risky conversations and confront performance issues safely and respectfully.
  • A complete portfolio of CHANGE-friendly IMPLEMENTATION workshops and certifications.