Getting the most from 360-degree feedback

Instructions for Participants

Honest feedback is a gift, especially when it comes from people who are important to your success. But of course receiving the feedback is only part of the process. You now need to do something about it. To maximize your success, follow these steps:

  1. Download your report (see instructions in the “Report Ready” email).
  2. Download the Duncan 360 Action Planner.
  3. Watch the video (see below).
  4. Complete your action plans.
  5. Identify a “coach” with whom you can share your action plans and receive ongoing feedback.
  6. Begin executing your action plans!

Resource for Managers and Coaches

The 360-degree feedback process introduced in your organization is designed to help people improve their own performance. Nothing more, nothing less. An important part of that process is the dialogue that goes on between the individual receiving the feedback and his or her coach.

If you are serving in a coaching role, download the “Your Role as Coach” resource document which contains some hints on how to contribute positive and productive energy to that dialogue.

Video: Getting Started with Your 360-Degree Feedback

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