Diagnostic Tools

graphPrescribing before diagnosing is called malpractice. So we ask the right questions and avoid asking the wrong questions. That’s how we start every engagement by addressing the most make-a-difference issues.

Backed by decades of successful experience with diagnostic tools, Duncan Worldwide knows how to boost performance for individuals, for teams, and for entire organizations.

Getting the most from 360-degree feedback

Our proprietary tools include:


The Duncan360 is a custom-tailored 360-degree feedback profile that shows your people how others see them—and their potential for success. The Duncan360 shows the extent to which key individuals hold others and themselves accountable for top performance; communicate, lead, make decisions, and solve problems; and create and maintain a results-oriented workplace.

The Duncan360 Difference

Join with thousands of others who have discovered the advantages of the Duncan 360-degree feedback process.

“Mouse over” the following graphic to see how our 360 can help you and your team.

The Duncan 360 Difference

Join with thousands of others who have discovered the advantages of the Duncan 360-degree feedback process. “Mouse over” the following elements to see how our 360 can help you.

The Duncan360 is a custom-tailored 360-degree feedback profile that shows your people how others see them – and their potential for success.

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team360_logo_aniTeam Performance Assessment
The TEAM360 process is a companion to the Duncan360 for individuals. TEAM360 profiles the effectiveness of teams from the perspective of the team’s members, leader(s), sponsor(s), clients or customers, and partners.

TEAM360 shows the extent to which work groups or project teams invest energy in getting work done – not just taking the credit; agree on needs, deliverables, schedules, and other important project components; create and maintain a sense of shared purpose; and reach decisions that facilitate speedy implementation. The typical TEAM360 report is about 35 pages per team. Profiles are accompanied by an Action Planning Guide to translate feedback into performance.

TEAM 360 will address the unique mix of issues critical to your organization’s performance, streamline communication between team members and other work groups, align group activity with the organization’s business goals and desired outcomes, and focus attention on what the team can do to improve service to its stakeholders.

TEAM360 delivers:

  • Enhanced teamwork between team members and other work groups
  • Stronger leadership
  • Smarter decisions
  • Better integration of resources
  • Improved trust and collaboration
  • More accountability for performance

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cap_animatedheaderCulture Alignment Profile
Much more useful than a traditional “attitude” survey, CAP provides hard data on employee assumptions and behaviors and how they’re affecting performance.

CAP has been used successfully in a wide range of environments, including financial services companies, engineering firms, public utilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, high tech companies, and others. It assesses the overall organizational culture and clear identifies what is either undermining or reinforcing operational performance.

treeroots1-e1279573541968Assumptions are at the root
The CAP process identifies the linkages between cultural assumptions and employee attitudes, behaviors, and performance.

Why is this important? Because we see the world not as it is, but as we are. Our frames of reference, or the assumptions we embrace, are not logical. They are psychological. And they are the sources of our attitudes and our behavior.

As Thoreau wrote, “For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root.”
In our organizations, as well as elsewhere in our lives, we can achieve quantum improvements in our performance only as we stop hacking at the leaves of attitude and behavior and get to work on the roots – the assumptions from which our attitudes and behaviors flow.

CAP can show how much your employees “own” the company’s business objectives, the degree to which they have (or don’t have) a bias for action, cultural assumptions about supervision practices, the degree to which employees hold each other accountable for top performance, and barriers to communication, collaboration, or effective leadership.

All information is sorted by division, department, location, job category, or any combination of demographic or psychographic subsets you specify.

CAP will address your organization’s unique mix of performance issues; measure attitudes, behaviors, and the cultural assumptions that influence attitudes and behaviors; pinpoint root causes related to trust, leadership, teamwork, retention, innovation, etc.; and provide hard data to guide you in performance improvements.


  • stronger leadership
  • smarter decisions
  • enhanced teamwork
  • improved trust and collaboration
  • heightened awareness and “psychological ownership”
  • more accountability for performance
  • tighter correlation between daily activities and business objectives.

The CAP Difference

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