cfi-image Let’s face it. No matter what your business, no matter what your position, your job is to “get stuff done.” On schedule. On budget. On strategy. And with all the important human elements properly managed.

In most cases, that requires engaging the heads, hearts, and hopes of other people.

In our Change-friendly context we use the concept of engagement to mean the harnessing of people’s energy, ingenuity, and allegiance to their teams and work roles. We believe a person is “engaged” when he feels positive emotions toward his work, when he regards his work as personally meaningful, when he considers his workload to be manageable, and when he has positive expectations (hope) about the future of his work.

cfi-logoWhen Duncan Worldwide studies an organization’s culture, one of the first dimensions we inspect is something we call “psychological ownership.” We want to understand the extent to which people feel they “own” their work. This has nothing to do with entitlement or privilege. It has everything to do with engagement, with feeling a personal connection and commitment to the work.

Our portfolio of CHANGE-friendly IMPLEMENTATION (CFI) training is designed to help you and your organization complete your important projects—both large and small—with total success. We help you deal with inevitable resistance. We help you with sponsorship issues. We help you with messaging issues. We help you with motivation and influence issues. We help you with culture issues. In other words, we help you transform good intentions into great performance.

  • The CFI Introduction Workshop – provides all the tools you need for immediate use. Its purpose is to build change capacity and institutionalize change-friendly behaviors and practices that accelerate implementation and produce sustainable results.
  • The CFI Project Workshop – is custom designed for up to two intact project teams. Participants walk away with a specific implementation plan challenged and refined by other project team members.
  • The CFI Practitioner Certification – provides a “case study” approach that solidifies skills and judgment to enhance true internal capacity and return on investment. Certified CFI Practitioners create a critical mass of expertise in the organization.
  • The CFI Trainer Certification – provides your organization with internal trainer resources in the entire CFI protocol. It gives you great return on investment for wide rollouts of the training.
  • The CFI Executive Briefing – Introduce Executives to a proven implementation structure and proper Sponsor Behavior.