Some managers seem to regard people as stomachs. They try to motivate only with salary and benefits. It’s the old notion of just be grateful you have a job. In today’s economy, it’s a fast ticket to low performance and high turnover.

Successful organizations use a different approach. They lead the whole person.

People have heads. They want to grow and develop intellectually. They want to learn. Give them a good reason and they’ll even stretch their own comfort zones.

People have hearts. They want to be treated with kindness, respect and dignity. They want good relationships. They want to feel appreciated.

People have spirits. They want meaning in life. They want context. They want to be inspired. And they want to know that what they contribute really matters, that theyfit.

Is this just warm and fuzzy stuff for soft people? Not at all. It’s the key to the hard realities of high performance. Believe it. Practice it.

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