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Change-friendly IMPLEMENTATION Assessment

Instructions: Use the scale below to indicate how each statement applies to your organization. It's important to respond to the statements honestly and accurately.

1. When change is necessary in my organization, employees are appropriately involved in open discussions about the “why,” “when,” “who,” “where,” and “how” issues related to the change." Usually Sometimes Rarely
2. Change efforts are well thought out here so we can avoid unintended consequences. Usually Sometimes Rarely
3. People in my organization are comfortable in raising concerns about change. Usually Sometimes Rarely
4. Some issues related to change in my organization are simply “undiscussable” – nobody seems willing to talk about them. Usually Sometimes Rarely
5. It’s no big deal when people fail to deliver on expected results in my organization because there doesn’t seem to be much of a consequence. Usually Sometimes Rarely
6. We pay close attention to “lessons learned” in our change efforts so we can do better next time. Usually Sometimes Rarely
7. In managing change, our leaders seem to emphasize compliance (just get everyone to do it) rather than real commitment (helping people become genuinely engaged). Usually Sometimes Rarely
8. Our organization’s change efforts have effective cascading sponsorship – it’s not just people at the top who provide support for change, but many others throughout the organization. Usually Sometimes Rarely
9. Our mid-level managers and supervisors are very good at connecting the dots between our everyday work and the change we’re asked to help bring about. Usually Sometimes Rarely
10. Some of our people pay only lip service to the organization’s change efforts – sort of operating on the basis of “this too shall pass.” Usually Sometimes Rarely
11. Some of our organization’s “unwritten rules” of behavior (what people actually do) are clearly contrary to the values we claim to embrace. Usually Sometimes Rarely
12. Our leaders clearly “walk the talk” when it comes to behaviors that support performance improvement. Usually Sometimes Rarely
13. The change we’re after is top of mind as we plan our daily activities. Usually Sometimes Rarely
14. When a problem occurs here, the primary emphasis seems to be more about assigning blame than about solving the problem. Usually Sometimes Rarely
15. Behaviors that support needed change here are explicitly reinforced. Usually Sometimes Rarely
16. We have a well-defined “scorecard” that helps us know how we’re doing with the needed change. Usually Sometimes Rarely
17. We do a good job of “minding the gap” between our current performance and where we need to be. Usually Sometimes Rarely
18. Our organization has been consistently successful in past efforts to implement change. Usually Sometimes Rarely
19. The people who lead change efforts here are real assets to the efforts and not simply people who happen to be available. Usually Sometimes Rarely
20. The people who lead change efforts here are not very effective at identifying and managing the inevitable resistance that occurs during change. Usually Sometimes Rarely
21. The people who lead change efforts here understand both the human and technical aspects of the change. Usually Sometimes Rarely
22. When change is needed here, the plan for “making it happen” is well conceived and executed. Usually Sometimes Rarely
23. The training offered here is a big help in boosting people’s capacity for change. Usually Sometimes Rarely
24. The information we receive from our leaders about change is highly credible. Usually Sometimes Rarely
25. Some groups in our organization are not very good about collaborating with other groups. Usually Sometimes Rarely

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