Praise from Amazon

If you live in a real-time, get-results, make-it-happen world, then for crying out loud get great advice from a hands-on, sleeves-up, been-there practitioner. That's the mother lode of insight from Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan in CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP, where he spells out the deceptively simple and often counterintuitive principles of the very, very difficult task of turning Good Intentions (always abundant and cheap) into Great Performance (always elusive but profitable).

Whether you are currently leading change initiatives, or you anticipate leading change, this book is like having a personal executive coach at your side. Written in a clear, conversational style it is an essential guide for today's leaders as well as leaders of tomorrow. Do yourself a favor: read and apply the principles in this book.

This book could not have come at a better time, given the avalanche of change that we all cope with day to day. Buy this book and recommend it to others! Buy this book and put it not on your bookshelf, but on your desk, as a constant reminder and practical reference! This timely book is a no-fluff, practical, grounded-in-real-life experience body of wisdom that teaches leaders how to cause change and improvement in organizations.

Rodger Duncan has written a book that puts an intense and appropriate focus on the human side of change. He provides a sound methodology for leading major change initiatives, but with each step he puts the accent and emphasis on the leader's role to engage people and draw out their discretionary efforts. I love the line from the book: ‘As you participate in or lead change, what you do is of course important. But of even greater importance is who you are.’ Amen.

Rodger Dean Duncan is a master storyteller. He has a unique talent for leveraging poignant stories to illuminate fundamental principles and truths in common experiences. Because stories are perhaps the most effective way to communicate, teach and coach, CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP does exactly that: it communicates, teaches and coaches. Read the book, and then read it again. Take notes and keep a digital copy handy. You'll soon find yourself retelling, quoting and paraphrasing the book as you transform good intentions into great performance.