Want Happiness in Your Job? Create It Yourself

May 2, 2022

Classical philosopher Aristotle made important contributions to logic, criticism, rhetoric, physics, biology, mathematics, ethics and politics. But the Greek sage also offered some wise counsel on our state of mind when he said, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”  In our time, when blame and victimhood seem so prevalent, the notion of being responsible for your own…

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How to Assess the Opportunity Cost of Saying ‘Yes’

April 25, 2022

None of my three university degrees focused on economics. But there’s one economic principle that I learned early and use every single day. That principle is opportunity cost. In all my various life roles—husband, father, friend, community volunteer, leader, consultant, executive coach, etc.—I’ve made who knows how many thousands (millions?) of decisions on how to…

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You Want Different Results? Choose a Different Story

April 20, 2022

Despite a formal education that ended with high school, my father became a highly successful business executive and president of a national company. He was a popular keynote speaker at conferences and seminars. His advice was sought by smart people who aspired to higher performance. Yes, Dad was exceptionally bright. But his success was based…

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How to Boost Team Effectiveness in An Age of Shifting Values

April 3, 2022

The workplace of 2022 is markedly different from the workplace of 2000. In many ways, in fact, today’s workplace is different from what people experienced only a couple of years ago. Consider what we’re now seeing: Millions of workers are experiencing pandemic burnout. Many sectors of our economy are struggling with labor shortages. Supply chains…

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‘Diversity’ Challenges? Tips on Navigating Today’s Workplace

March 14, 2022

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that today’s workplace bears little resemblance to the workplace of only a few years ago. At the intersection of culture, politics, and changing generations, there’s been a dramatic shift in the way people get work done. Sure, technology plays a big role in the change. But…

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Need Better Results? Help Others Up Their Game

March 5, 2022

It’s been said that not everything that’s faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. One of the things that every leader must face is the behavior of other people. After all, organizational performance is the result of the cumulative behaviors of everyone on the team. The formula is fairly…

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Is Your Collaboration Overused and Underwhelming? Here’s a Fix

February 21, 2022

There’s no doubt that teamwork and collaboration—when done right—can make a huge difference in people’s individual and collective effectiveness. But there’s a flip side. Teamwork and collaboration, despite all the warm and fuzzy wall posters in the company cafeteria, can produce unintended consequences. Conventional wisdom on teamwork and collaboration has created a kind of “always-on”…

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What Cognitive Biases Are Hampering Your Creativity?

February 14, 2022

Whether you work in a multi-national corporation, a small start-up, or a local non-profit, you need to deal with the future. Sure, you can just tiptoe along and let the future slap you in the face. Or you can use your imagination and creativity to fashion the future you really want. To do so, you’ll…

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Don’t Just Plan for the Future. “Provoke” the Vision

February 1, 2022

Somehow, our world seems to be getting more complicated. Technology and data collection are advancing at an accelerated rate. Cultural issues are animating people of every political stripe. Governments at multiple levels are enacting laws and regulations that affect nearly every facet of our lives. Are you running a business? In the face of uncertainty,…

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