Walls: Knocking Down Barriers That Divide Us

January 24, 2019

The world is getting too small for both an Us and Them. We do not have separate fates. Like it or not, we are bound together. This is a reality in all our venues: As a family around the kitchen table. As a community in the town square. As a nation currently polarized as perhaps…

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2019: Stretch Your Comfort Zone

January 4, 2019

For many people, January is a time for reflection and resolution. Reflection on achievements (and opportunities missed) in the previous year, and resolution to do better in the new year. The paths to personal improvement are as varied as opinions on goals worth pursuing. Nearly six years ago I offered my view on the value…

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Polarized? Conversations Worth Having

September 30, 2018

Regardless of where we may stand on someone’s spectrum of identify politics, many of us are both disturbed and sickened by today’s public discourse. Social media, TV talking heads, and once-respected media outlets have devolved into steaming caldrons of vitriol. The incivility is on display even (especially?) in the once-hallowed halls of Congress. Whatever happened…

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Be Authentic: Discover Your True North

September 1, 2018

For any leader at any level in any organization, clarity of purpose is a critical ingredient of success. In other words, you must know where you’re headed and why you’re headed there. A compass provides the ideal metaphor. Just as a compass points toward a magnetic field, your personal “true north” directs your path and…

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Titles Don’t Make Leaders (So Don’t Chase Titles)

August 28, 2018

Being a long-time student of leadership, I’ve naturally heard a lot of pithy quotes about the subject. One of my favorites is from Margaret Thatcher: “Being a leader is like being a lady. If you have to remind people you are, you aren’t.” Well said, Madame Prime Minister! And another, by John Quincy Adams: “If…

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For Best Results, Live Your Life ‘Day One’ At A Time

August 21, 2018

More than 30 years ago I wrote a personal mission statement. It’s a relatively brief and straightforward document (less than half a page), focusing on six roles that I identified for my life. I use it as a daily, forward-looking reminder of my commitments, vision, and purpose. As my friend Stephen Covey used to say,…

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No Time for Balance? Think Again

July 30, 2018

Most people who feel the crush of busyness have heard the clichéd advice about time management: “Either run the day or the day runs you.” And my favorite, “The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot.” The interesting thing about clichéd advice is that sometimes it’s spot-on correct.…

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Your Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

July 27, 2018

At one time or another, most of us have claimed that our emotions—our feelings—are imposed on us, that we have no control. Admit it, you’ve probably said something like “He makes me so mad!” The reality, tough though it may be to swallow, is that nobody can make us be mad, or glad, or sad,…

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Take A Break: Save Your Job, Marriage, Life

July 27, 2018

It was Warren Buffett who said “the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.” The sentiment perfectly describes the creep in both the amount of time people work and the locations where work is done. It’s an insidious pattern that fools people into believing that more…

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