Buck Your Barriers, Discover Your YIPPEE!

November 21, 2013

About Our Guest: As head of her own company called Orchard Advisors, Elizabeth Crook helps CEOs and entrepreneurs think and act strategically to grow their companies and enjoy greater satisfaction (also known as Fun!). She’s shown countless people—Gen Yers to Boomers—how to invent and reinvent themselves. Elizabeth holds degrees from Vanderbilt University and Tennessee State University.…

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Leaders: Not All Bullies Are NFL Linemen

November 19, 2013

By now, anyone but the most reclusive hermit is aware of the brouhaha in the National Football League. Richie Incognito, a 320-pound guard for the Miami Dolphins, is accused of “harassment” in his treatment of a teammate. This “harassment” included racist and vulgar texts that were off the charts in their coarseness and depravity. Mr.…

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Every Town Needs a Harvey’s Barber Shop

November 15, 2013

This is a story about the love and laughter and friendship that every town of every size needs. My town is Liberty, Missouri, just a short drive north of Harry Truman’s beloved Independence. What could be more all-American than Liberty and Independence? Liberty retains many of the earmarks of a small town in the heartland.…

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TRUST: It’s Both Character and Competence

November 12, 2013

My son-in-law Luke teaches at a major university, one that takes trust and honor very seriously. But even in this principle-centered environment, some students cheat. As a professor, Luke believes his role is to teach the whole person, not just course content. He’s not interested in playing ethics cop. He simply wants to teach his…

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When Performance Lags, Stir Whatcha Got

November 5, 2013

My parents were still teenagers when they got married. Neither of them had the opportunity to attend college or a university. But education and learning seemed to be at the core of everything we did as a family. Our home was always full of good books, especially biographies. A favorite field trip was a bus…

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5 Steps to Meaningful Feedback

October 22, 2013

There’s no doubt about it: feedback is the breakfast of champions. Top performers are top performers because they consistently search for ways to make their best even better. For top performers, “continuous improvement” is not just a glib slogan. It’s a mantra with real meaning. Top performers know that the main thing is to keep…

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Is Your Project Lost in a Black Hole?

September 4, 2013

Trying to create change without the engagement of key stakeholders is as risky as a one-man band trying to imitate an orchestra. Don’t kid yourself. The change you try to orchestrate in your workplace does not occur in isolation. No matter how brilliant your ideas may be, no matter how compelling your case for action,…

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9 Ways to Plug the Brain Drain

August 20, 2013

If you arrive at the office one morning and discover that your desktop computer and confidential files are missing, you would probably (1) call company security and the local police, (2) launch an investigation to determine who and what is responsible, and, (3) develop a plan to ensure that such a loss doesn’t recur. Was…

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Overcoming Fake Talk

May 17, 2013

Now more than ever, people are engaging in “fake talk” rather than talking about what matters most. Why? Sometimes we just don’t know what to say or how to say it in a way that helps us get what we really want. I know there are a lot of books out there that deal with…

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