Endorsements for Duncan Worldwide

Duncan Worldwide has earned our trust. Because they have proved themselves to be so competent and so helpful in so many ways, they’ve been invited to assist us in a wide range of our challenges. Black & Veatch is well respected around the world, and Duncan Worldwide has helped us identify and focus on our highest leverage leadership and management issues so we can get even better. They’ve helped us clarify our mission, vision and values. They’ve helped dozens of our senior people who are already working very hard work even smarter. That gives us a competitive edge.

Chairman of the Board Black & Veatch 
(a global engineering firm)

The Duncan Worldwide team is very knowledgeable and professional. They are intuitive and insightful. Their diagnostic instruments are the best we have seen. They have the ability and willingness to customize their services to your needs.

President & CEO financial services company

When we applied Duncan’s implementation approach, performance improvement was immediate and widespread. It definitely works.

Senior Vice President global pharmaceutical company

A lot of people in this town [Washington, D.C.] have impressive credentials, and Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan is one man whose performance actually matches his great reputation. We not only value his counsel as a solid professional, but we trust him. He never tells us just what we want to hear. He tells us what we needto hear. That’s priceless.

President & CEO Grocery Manufacturers of America

Duncan Worldwide’s approach to that sticky thing called ‘organizational culture’ is the clearest and most helpful we have seen. Their work in linking our cultural assumptions to attitudes and behavior helped us make quantum improvements in the way we run our business. And their profiles of our senior management team made a significant contribution to our efforts to build a high accountability, high performance culture. Duncan Worldwide saved us millions of dollars that would have been wasted trying to ‘prop up’ our old culture.

Chief Operating Officer Bonneville Power

Among the most beneficial experiences of my early time in the U.S. Senate was the opportunity to work with and learn from Rodger Dean Duncan. He has exceptional insight into the nuances of communication and leadership, and deserves to be listened to.

Chairman U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Rodger Dean Duncan understands culture and leadership issues better than anyone I’ve seen in business. He is a gifted coach, an inspiration to the hundreds of people in our organization he has helped.

President & CEO Helzberg Diamonds

Corporate culture and leadership issues can be uncertain territory for many people, but Duncan Worldwide makes it all more clear and more manageable.

President Consolidated Edison of New York

Duncan Worldwide’s no-nonsense work with our corporate culture and leadership issues made a clearly measurable and important contribution to our $207 million turnaround in profits [in 12 months]. It’s now a case study at the Harvard Business School.

President & CEO Farmland Industries

The people at Duncan Worldwide really know their stuff. What they taught us about creating a performance culture provided an exceptional return on investment (several million dollars in one department alone). We appreciate that very much.

Vice President American Century Investments

In cooperation with Dun & Bradstreet, ProSavvy conducted an independent survey of clients served by Duncan Worldwide. Below are the results of that survey. Duncan Worldwide:

  • Received a perfect score on overall client satisfaction.
  • Exceeds client expectations on proficiency within the scope of services delivered.
  • Exceeds expectations on responsiveness in meeting client needs and desires.
  • Delivered project results that exceed client expectations.
  • Always meets cost performance expectations.
  • Performs to schedule better than projected.