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Feedback: Reach the Heart Through the Brain

Never turn down a breath mint. Feedback is a gift. Of course the gift’s presentation can make a big difference. Performance accountability is among the most important parts of a... Read More

Is the Wrong Stuff Stalling Your Career?

We live in a feel-good era when everyone gets a prize for participating. Many people agree with the adage that feedback is the breakfast of champions, but hardly anyone seems... Read More

Teamwork: From Empty Slogan To Expert Practice

In many workplaces, “teamwork” is more common as a buzzword than as an actual practice. In a bid to boost performance, teamwork is often touted in corporate vision statements, on... Read More

Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Results

A balancing act faced by many leaders involves transactional and transformational leadership. It’s a balancing act worthy of effort. Many leaders have an abundance of good transactional skills. What they... Read More

Leading With Vision: How to Engage Your Workforce

Whether you lead a global company or you’re an aspiring junior manager in a small department, a Japanese proverb can provide direction: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without... Read More

Are You Resilient? Tips From An Expert

We hear a lot about resilience these days. A football team is said to be resilient when it overcomes injuries or defeats. A company is termed resilient when it weathers... Read More
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