The Duncan Report

The High Cost of Compromise

Compromise 01

Some people in Washington are clamoring for compromise. You’ll notice that it’s always those in the minority who do the clamoring. Compromise can be good in politics. In many other fields it can spell calamity. One famous example is especially instructive.

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Leadership Change: Making the Most of It

Change, apples & oranges big

You’ll probably never be the leader of the free world. But you’ll likely have opportunities to step in and step out of leadership roles. Here are some common sense rules of engagement.

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Are You Becoming a Can-Do Leader?

Can-Do image

Leaders often struggle with delegation. They know they can’t do everything themselves, yet they’re reluctant to give up tasks they enjoyed in their previous roles. Here’s how to fix the problem.

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Are You Resilient? Tips From An Expert

Resilience 03

Life is a test. It’s a test of our convictions and priorities. It’s a test of our patience and steadfastness. It’s a test of, well, of our resilience. Resilience is when you decide to give up on giving in. Here are some expert tips.

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Beat The Time Crunch, Get Better Results

Tracy 01 J

Let’s face it. No matter who we are or what our station in life may be, none of us has more than 24 hours a day, 168 hours per week. For most of us, it doesn’t seem to be enough. So the challenge is this: How can we make the best use of that precious and finite resource called time?

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What “Sully” Can Teach Us About Leadership

Sully Teamwork

Tom Hanks stars in another movie that provides not only good entertainment, but a great tutorial in sound leadership practices. With a standardized checklist of procedures, most teams can clip along nicely. But what happens when something goes wrong?

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