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Elephant in the Room? Name It and Tame It


Having “an elephant in the room”–undiscussable subjects or behaviors–can stifle open communication and make effective teamwork virtually impossible. But you don’t have to get caught in the stampede. Here are some simple steps to naming and taming the elephants in your environment.

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Frogs in Boiling Water: A Cautionary Tale


A popular story is of the frog in a pot of water. As the temperature slowly rises in one-degree increments, the frog fails to perceive the overall change. The metaphor is an apt warning for leaders who fail to understand and manage the ebb and flow of growth in their organizations.

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Taking (Many Literal) Steps to Engagement


Great leadership (and engagement) often consists of “the little things” that make the biggest difference. Campbell Soup CEO Doug Conant showed the way. His secret sauce? He sent more than 30,000 handwritten notes of appreciation to employees.

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Leadership Lessons: the Mormon Tabernacle Choir


If you’re like many business leaders, you feel the pressure to produce measurable results. But what if you had to do it in a conspicuously public way? And on a relentless schedule that never, ever, accommodates pesky little things like holidays or other forms of time out?

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Performance Roadblocks: Saints, Ain’ts, Complaints


You want to have a positive impact in your organization? You want to help incubate ideas and innovations that really make a difference? You want to influence people to embrace change rather than resist it? Then avoid behaving like the Saints, the Ain’ts, and the Complaints.

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‘Employee Satisfaction’ Is the Wrong Metric

Employee Satisfaction

For today’s enlightened leader, the emphasis is on commitment. Commitment does not thrive in an atmosphere of giving and taking orders. Commitment thrives in an atmosphere of mutual purpose, mutual respect, and high levels of psychological ownership. 
In other words, engagement.

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