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7 Must-Do Steps to the Change You Really Want

Change 02

Success with change is less like installing an air conditioner and more like growing a garden. It’s less like engineering an event and more like navigating a journey. Here are seven must-do steps to help you reach the destination you want.

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Communication Tactics for Supercharged Leadership

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Communication is the real work of leadership: Articulating a vision. Breathing life into professed values. Challenging the status quo. Engaging people’s heads, hearts, and hopes. Here’s advice from an expert.

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Why Leaders Fail, and Prescriptions for Success


Successful leadership is all about relationships. Relationships between and among people. And the leader’s relationship with tried-and-true principles and practices. Unfortunately, many leaders stumble with that last ingredient.

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Melania Trump and the Age of Borrowed Language


The Melania Trump plagiarism fiasco provides raw meat for pundits of nearly every political persuasion. But a broader issue deserves attention: What is today’s generation learning about independent thinking?

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Be a Gardener, Not A Mechanic


How many of us want to be fixed? Not many. We may be open to persuasion or influence, but we don’t want to be “fixed.” Rather than adopt the role of mechanic, great leaders adopt the role of gardener.

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5 Things To Do If You’re Tempted to Pull Rank

Pulling Rank

Are you tempted to pull rank in the workplace? You’ll fare better by exercising influence rather than authority. Here are five important tips for engaging the heads, hearts, and hopes of your workmates.

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