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Fitness for Duty: Exercise To Be a Better Leader


Is trying to get fit something we must dread? Is it an exercise (pun intended) in futility? In the real world of endless meetings, jet lag, travel food, and all the rest that produces fatigue and bulge, most of us can do better. And it’s not that hard.

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Innovation: Expand Horizons, Shrink the World


We live in a moment of history that’s so fast-paced we begin to see the present only when it’s already disappearing. Nothing is more fast-paced than technology. It constantly evolves to meet our ever-increasing need to work smarter and faster.

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How Adversity Can Actually Help Your Career


Leadership, whether on the local school board or as head of a giant corporation, frequently has bumps and potholes in the road. Insights drawn from more than 150 diverse episodes of leadership struggle can help you make the most of career challenges and adversity.

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9 Questions That Could Have Saved GM Millions


General Motors CEO Mary Barra has a $300 million problem. It likely could have been avoided if people at the giant automaker had honestly asked themselves nine simple questions about how they conduct their business. The same nine questions can help you be smart in running your business.

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5 Decisions That Can Make (or Break) Your Career


Leadership, it’s been said, is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Of course that assumes a willingness to make decisions. Not just any decisions, but the kind that make a positive and lasting difference. Here are five of the most important.

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6 Ways Smart Questions Help You Work Smarter


Asking the wrong questions can take you to conclusions that shouldn’t be reached and decisions that shouldn’t be made. Asking smart questions pays huge dividends.

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