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Performance Roadblocks: Saints, Ain’ts, Complaints


You want to have a positive impact in your organization? You want to help incubate ideas and innovations that really make a difference? You want to influence people to embrace change rather than resist it? Then avoid behaving like the Saints, the Ain’ts, and the Complaints.

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‘Employee Satisfaction’ Is the Wrong Metric

Employee Satisfaction

For today’s enlightened leader, the emphasis is on commitment. Commitment does not thrive in an atmosphere of giving and taking orders. Commitment thrives in an atmosphere of mutual purpose, mutual respect, and high levels of psychological ownership. 
In other words, engagement.

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Mediocrity Out, Excellence In: Awesomely Simple?


Good leaders always produce transformation. Poor leaders only maintain and preserve long-standing mediocrity. Fortunately, there are some excellent practitioners out there who are willing and able to challenge mediocrity head-on. Consider what this one has to say.

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Power at the Podium: 7 Steps to a Solid Speech


Public speaking is often cited as the number one most common fear, even before death itself. For some of us, high on the list of fears is the dread of listening to a speech that bores, patronizes, or otherwise wastes our time. Here are seven sure-fire steps to improve your speaking.

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How Do You Build Trust in a Trust-Deficient World?


Trust is the operating system of every organization and every relationship. Consider that metaphor. If the operating system on your computer is flaky, nothing works right. With fragile trust, people are reluctant to talk freely, collaborate, or accept accountability for results. An expert shares ways to build trust.

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Stephen Covey: A Legacy of Leadership Wisdom


Why did Stephen Covey have peanut butter and jelly on his bald head? He was just that kind of guy. Arguably one of the most successful thought leaders and authors of our time, he was as down-to-earth as your own grandpa.

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