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Procrastinate, Complain, or Achieve: Your Choice

As a coach, consultant, executive trainer, and writer, I’ve spent my entire adult life working with people who set earnest goals and work very hard to achieve them. I’ve heard... Read More

Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Results

A balancing act faced by many leaders involves transactional and transformational leadership. It’s a balancing act worthy of effort. Many leaders have an abundance of good transactional skills. What they... Read More

Making the Most of Strategic Relationships

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but collaboration is most commonly the father. Great products are rarely invented by solo practitioners. Great companies cannot be produced by a recluse.... Read More

The Bravest You: Dealing With Fear

No doubt about it. Navigating through life—your career, your work environment, your family life—can sometimes require bravery. Are you contemplating a job change? You’ll need to be brave. Dealing with... Read More

Leading With Vision: How to Engage Your Workforce

Whether you lead a global company or you’re an aspiring junior manager in a small department, a Japanese proverb can provide direction: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without... Read More

Leadership Change: Making the Most of It

Change, apples & oranges big
There’s a lot of talk nowadays about “a peaceful transfer of power.” It’s one of the hallmarks of our republic. In Washington and elsewhere across our country, some people are... Read More
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