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The Art Of Persuasion: Why Less Really Is More

You have a great idea. It’s fresh and innovative. It meets a need. You know it will work. Your “it” could be a recommendation, a proposal, a design, a procedure,... Read More

Belonging: A Fresh Look At Engagement

Okay, take this quick test: What’s the leading cause of mortality A. High blood pressure B. High cholesterol C. Inactivity (no exercise) D. Social isolation E. Fast foods F. Alcohol... Read More

Want To Stay Relevant? Never Stop Learning

Continuous learning has become a mantra for everyone from college newbies to seasoned C-suite veterans. Trouble is, most of us are bad at learning. Supremely bad. That’s the conclusion of... Read More

Is Your Boss A Challenge? How To Manage Up

Working for a troublesome boss can be nothing short of miserable. A less-than-competent manager can depress your morale, deflate your productivity, and flatten your motivation. But you don’t have to... Read More

Why Managing Up Is A Skill Set You Need

You’ve heard it said and you know it’s true: People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses. For many people, the primary ingredient in job satisfaction is not the quality of... Read More

Dollar General: Values, People, Pragmatism

Dollar General is an American success story. Founded in 1939 by a dirt-farmer-turned-entrepreneur, the retailer now has more than 14,000 stores and generates $20 billion in annual revenue. Originally a... Read More
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