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9 Mistakes Commonly Made, Rarely Addressed

Oops! Everyone makes mistakes. Most of them are relatively harmless. But some of them can scuttle a project. Or ding your reputation. Or even derail your career. It doesn’t have... Read More

Is the Wrong Stuff Stalling Your Career?

We live in a feel-good era when everyone gets a prize for participating. Many people agree with the adage that feedback is the breakfast of champions, but hardly anyone seems... Read More

Stories: Effective Leaders’ Must-Have Tool

Good stories have a power all their own. They can make complex issues understandable. They can give people a sense of community. They can call people to action in ways... Read More

Teamwork: From Empty Slogan To Expert Practice

In many workplaces, “teamwork” is more common as a buzzword than as an actual practice. In a bid to boost performance, teamwork is often touted in corporate vision statements, on... Read More

Find Meaning in Work, Chocolate, and Monks

When Shawn Askinosie walked away from his law practice he didn’t know beans about the chocolate business. Now his entrepreneurial insights have gained wide attention. It’s a sobering thought, but... Read More

Are You a Type A? Can You Become One? Should You?

In our hurry-up, no-holds-barred, get-on-board-or-get-out-of-the-way world, many people still subscribe to Type A and Type B personality theory. Type A people are thought to be characterized by out-sized ambition, high... Read More
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